“There is no way I could have played as long as I did without yoga…As preventative medicine, it’s unequaled,” – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

“Trainers have long recognized the importance of stretching, and much of what they do is derived from yoga,” – Pam Field, Yoga Consultant, Portland Trailblazers.

“Yoga allows me to heal myself on a daily basis, and continue to train on a high level,” – Chris Campbell, Olympic wrestler

 Athletes from around the world have discovered the benefits of  tailored Sports Conditioning & Flexibility training for increasing strength, flexibility, relaxation, concentration and reducing the chance of injury.

Sports Conditioning & Flexibility  classes, workshops and private sessions use Integrative Alignment Principles to find the optimal bio-mechanics for any sport or activity. And these same principles can be used to therapeutically heal injuries caused by overuse and as an adjunct to physical therapy and chiropractic care.

Each class, workshops or private session is custom designed for you to learn the key alignment actions, poses and therapeutics for your sport. Short practice routines and photo-illustrated reference materials will also be provided.

Here’s a sample of what you will learn:
  • How to use “muscle activation” and “skeletal extension” to protect joints, extend range of motion and increase core strength;
  • 15-minute warm-up/warm-down routine to prevent injuries and to correct muscle imbalances from over training;
  • Key alignment principles for shoulders, hips, ankles and knees;
  • How to safely and effectively stretch your hamstrings and;
  • Yoga breathing techniques to focus the mind, improve cardiovascular efficiency and relax while under pressure.

Here’s a sample of Sports Conditioning & Flexibility workshops

  • Sports Conditioning & Flexibility for Athletes (general workshop for all types of sports);
  • Sports Conditioning & Flexibilityfor Snowsports (skiers, boarders, iceskaters);
  • Sports Conditioning & Flexibilityfor Biking;
  • Sports Conditioning & Flexibilityfor Courtsports (tennis, squash, racquetball, basketball);
  • Sports Conditioning & Flexibilityfor Runners;
  • Sports Conditioning & Flexibility for Swimmers.

Sports Conditioning & Flexibility individual sessions are $70/hour or gather your fellow athletes for a two-hour yworkshop specifically designed for your sport.

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For over 45 years, Jim Gillen has used yoga and specialized stretching techniques in support of competitive karate, swimming, biking, running, skiing and sailboat racing.

His sports background, experience as an instructor at the National Sports Center for the Disabled, over 400 hours of anatomy and yoga training, and experience in teaching thousands of yoga classes make him uniquely qualified as a yoga instructor.

Jim is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT-500), co-founded Still Moving Yoga studio in 1997 and has taught yoga therapeutic and Yoga Sport workshops at Physical Therapy Associates, The MAC club, Club Sport, Portland Parks & Recreation, and at studios around the country.