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Our approach to Yoga helps to re-engage the body’s natural healing mechanisms through the use of Integrative Alignment Principles, restorative yoga and breath techniques. This comprehensive approach supports specific areas of the body to heal as well as strengthening the body systemically to support your recovery from injury, surgery or a variety of stress-related and/or immune system disorders.

Integrative Alignment

Integrates biomechanics with the timeless teachings of yoga. It helps to find the optimal alignment in the body to enhance posture, balance, and energy. Integrative Alignment Principles align the body through a set of actions and postures that are easily accessed regardless of previous yoga background. Utilizing these actions through a wide range of yoga poses helps to integrate this new body knowledge and use it in all of life’s activities. Our approach is all-inclusive, where each student’s unique abilities and limitations are honored. This accessibility empowers you to fully participate in your healing process.

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Stress Release

Stress is recognized as a major component in disease processes and as an inhibitor to injury recovery. Restorative yoga, Yogic Breathing and Tension/Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) and processes are an antidote to stress, balancing our nervous system, re-oxygenating our cells and restoring and supporting our immune system. The use of props and breathing techniques in restorative yoga helps supports total relaxation, pain relief, blood flow and the gentle opening of chronically tight muscle groups.

Private Sessions

Individualized programs can be developed in private sessions with Jim ($70/hour) or check our workshops page for monthly workshops. Illustrated handouts and specific instructions are provided in all workshops to support your healing at work, home and play.To schedule a private or register for a workshop contact Jim

“The neck and shoulder workshop has given me better tools in dealing with my shoulder condition. The postural queues are a great map in navigating through imbalances and discomforts and to bring better alignment into my body. I have been working with a couple of the poses and feeling a difference already. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and insight.” – Michelle Larrain

Jim Gillen is a Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT-500), International Association of Yoga Therapist member, ACE Group Fitness Instructor and Certified TRE Provider. He co-founded Still Moving Yoga studio in 1997 and Yoga Calm in 2000, and has taught yoga workshops at Amrita, Physical Therapy Associates, The MAC club, Club Sport, Portland Community College, Portland Parks & Recreation, and at studios around the country. His yoga training has been with John Friend, Sarahjoy Marsh, and Julie Gudmestad (physical therapist and writer of Yoga Journal’s yoga anatomy columns). Jim is also an award winning writer and producer of yoga books, DVDs and CDs. Jim was also an instructor at the Winter Park National Sports Center for the Disabled for four years.